Garrison Starr: What If There Is No Destination

Released June 17, 2017

We’ve moved down the block, a bit, in going from the Rescues to Garrison Starr, but it’s still in the same neigborhood. Adrianne Gonzalez (AG) of the Rescues is also a member, with Garrison Starr, of The Silent War, a writing and performance collaboration that has produced some fine music and one video. Also, both AG and Garrison have toured and performed with Maia Sharp. All three of them together are a pretty damned awesome combination.

Adrianne Gonzalez (AG), Garrison Starr, and Maia Sharp
Adrianne Gonzalez (AG), Garrison Starr, and Maia Sharp

But Garrison is also a singer-songwriter who has released 15 solo albums and EPs. Some of the songs she’s done that you might recognize include “Superhero,” “Sit With Me Tonight,” and one my faves, “Slow Crawl.” Interestingly, it was AG who wrote and directed the video for “Slow Crawl,” and if you look closely in the “Superhero” video, that lovely harmonizer with the neon-red/pink? on her head is none other than AG. That girl gets around.

Cover of EP, "What If There Is No Destination," by Garrison Starr
Cover of EP, “What If There Is No Destination,” by Garrison Starr

Her latest effort is an EP, “What If There Is No Destination,” which is a collection of six new songs.

Screenshot of "The Stuff We're Made Of," by Garrison Starr
Screenshot of “The Stuff We’re Made Of,” by Garrison Starr

Along with the EP, she has released a series of four essays for Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girls” Project, under the title, “The Stuff We’re Made Of.” (Here are the links to Part 1, “The Stuff We’re Made Of”, Part 2, “Just Start Walking”, Part 3, “Where Do We Go from Here?” and Part 4, “Epilogue”.) These essays relate some of the most important events in the evolution of this talented musician and songwriter, including her fairly horrifying coming out in college.

Garrison Starr
Garrison Starr

The six songs on this EP are strong, honest compositions. They show the artist in a reflective mood, and they cut closer to the bone than some of her earlier work. The songs and arrangements are engaging and have stayed with me.

Here’s the video for the powerful sixth song, “Put Your Weapon Down.”

It’s hard to pick favorites, but personally, I was most moved by “Tough Girl” and “All About You.”

You can pick up this album from iTunes or Amazon or Garrison’s web site.

If you’d like to see Garrison performing these songs, she’s performing live online on Tuesday Aug 8th at 9:30pm EDT through the ConcertWindow site.


Pinwheels (1993)

Stupid Girl (1995)

eighteen over me (1997)

Songs From Take-Off To Landing (2002)

Airstreams & Satellites (2004)

The sound of you and me (2006)

Fans’ Greatest Hits, Volume One (Live, 2007)

The Girl That Killed September (2007)

ReLive (2010)

Amateur (2012)

The Forgotten Street (2014)


24/7 (1998)

Somethin’ to hold you over (2000)

Not For Nothing (2012)

What If There Is No Destination (2017)


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